Why You Should Use A REALTOR

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When either a homeowner decides to sell his home, or a buyer determines he’s ready to acquire one, there are a few preliminary, early decisions to be made. The first is whether to use a real estate professional, or try to do it himself. The second is, if he decided to hire an agent, is that individual a REALTOR. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the state of New York, I have heard all the reasons why someone believes they don’t need an agent, but generally the main issue is they don’t want to pay a commission. Do they realize that about 92% of all houses are sold by real estate professionals? Do they realize that most For Sale By Owners eventually end up being listed by a real estate agent? My response to the commission issue is to inquire whether the objection is about the commission, or is the primary goal, getting the best price for a homeowner? Statistically, transactions involving real estate agents garner a higher amount than those which don’t, and most often more than the amount of commission. Also, isn’t the advice, guidance, etc, of some value? However, many appear not to understand the difference between a Realtor(R) and an agent. Both are licensed by the state, but the former must comply with additional ethical codes, have more access to all the properties listed on the market, as well as availability of the Multiple Listing Service. Let’s look. from a mnemonic approach, at a few of the advantages of using a REALTOR.

1. Reliable; responsible: Most larger real estate offices are members of the Board of Realtors, and therefore all their agents must also be. This has the advantage, usually of providing reliable, responsible service and advice.

2. Ethics; education: Most states mandate some ethics training, but most Real Estate Boards have a more – developed, stronger Code of Ethics. A Realtor (R) often has readier access to advanced education, training, etc.

3. Aptitude; activity: In my area, the vast number of brokers are Realtors (R), but in some regions, that may not be the case! Because of a combination of factors, including Multiple Listing Service, networking, etc, a homeowner would then, often gain a higher degree of visibility, and in real estate, more views generally translates to sales! Homes which get more viewing activity, often sell quicker, and at a better price and/ or favorable conditions.

4. Learning; listing: In today’s litiginous society, choose someone with more learning, to handle your listing!

5. Training: Larger agencies generally offer more training, and agents in those offices also benefit from coming into contact with other seasoned, experienced real estate professionals.

6. Options: Opt for an agent, whose broker offers you the most, and best options and visibility!

7. Reputation: Examine both the reputation of the individual agent, as well as his Broker’s reputation! Doesn’t that make sense?

Phil, from the television show, Modern Family, is seen in REALTOR advertisements, seen by millions of potential buyers. For most people, under the majority of circumstances, they are best represented by a real estate professional, who is a REALTOR!

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