Why You Should Work With a REALTOR

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Some people may be tempted to buy or sell a home independently so that they can avoid paying the Realtor’s® fee or commission. However, more often than not, it can turn out to be a more difficult, time consuming, and even costlier option in the end.

Knowledge and Experience

Realtors® are professionals and members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) who subscribe to the Associations code of ethics. A Realtor® has extensive knowledge of the market and sufficient experience in handling sale and purchase of real estate. There is usually no way for an average individual to have the latest insights about the realty market or to possess the expertise of negotiations and legal formalities involved in sale and purchase of a home.

Real estate transactions are not just about bargaining the price and filling out some forms to complete the deal. The negotiation process can be long drawn out in order to receive the best possible deal. Secondly, the legalities involved in the property documents and making an agreement to buy or sell must be followed appropriately in order to have a secure deal.

Protecting your Legal Rights

Sale or purchase of a home is a very major transaction, and it may involve multiple negotiations even after the agreement to buy or sell has been made. It is important to be aware of your legal rights in such situations when the agreement is already signed, and you discover some new fact about the deal later.

For instance, if after you have signed the agreement to buy a home, you realize that a government department or agency, a huge department store, a school, or a gas station has plans to move in just opposite to your location. If you no longer wish to buy that home, for many and obvious reasons, the realtor is the best person to intervene on your behalf and protect your legal rights in such case. Similarly, if the seller backs out of the deal after the agreement, the Realtor® will know your position from a legal standpoint in such a situation.

Getting the Best Deal*

If you are in a hurry to sell your home, a Realtor® can help you sell it faster and without any compromise on the price. Experienced Realtors are in contact with many potential buyers and sellers, and they are in the best position to achieve a fair deal for all parties. In many cases, a buyer or a seller who makes a deal without the involvement of a Realtor® may end up making a poorer realization, even after adjusting for the potential savings in realtor’s commission or fee.

Leading Realtors® usually have their own website or have online and offline listings on several prominent platforms. Therefore, your listing receives a focused exposure at the right places, and chances of attaining the best deal in the shortest possible time improve. A Realtor® with experience will also be able to suggest alternative locations and options that a potential buyer may not have considered, but may find them ideally suited to his or her needs.


It is always a prudent idea to hire the services of an experienced Realtor® when buying or selling a home. It helps save time, obtain the most appropriate deal and achieve the best market value, which makes it worthwhile even after paying the Realtor’s® commission or fee.

* http://www.realtor.com/Basics/AllAbout/Realtors/Why.asp?source=web

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